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1 a) the doctor is prejudice against the daleks because the daleks wiped out his race and he hated them with a passion

   b) The dalek is prejudice against anyone who isn’t a dalek because by killing them he honestly believes he is doing the right thing

   c) Van Statten could be described as being prejudice against any one who isn’t human because he collects other beings body parts and has no respect for them, in his world they are sub human

2 he turns into a psychopath who doesn’t care about anything except killing that dalek


3 he changed he got a lot of new thoughts and emotions he didn’t know what to do he needed orders he could not live like that he wanted to die


4 well they both thought everyone else was inferior to them and killed a hell of a lot of people


5 I don’t think I’ve ever been prejudice against anyone or that anyone has been prejudice against me but I would feel horrible if it did  


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On the first day we caught the 9:02 train from Croydon station, all the way to Flinders Street Station, except for one group who got off at
Richmond to get a tour of the MCG.
We got off at Flinders and split up into 2 big groups that went different directions.
Our group jumped on a tram and the other group went across the road, to

Federation Square and the Ian Potter Gallery.

We caught a tram to Latrobe St, walking down a few streets, finally reaching the Old Melbourne Gaol.
Ooh so scaring…
Ok so it wasn’t that scaring, but wax masks? Rated 10 on my eww factor…
After our delightful tour, where we saw all of the remaining cells and the trap door where people(including Ned Kelly) were hanged, we went to see the monument for the “8 Hour Movement” and the Trades hall.
After that we split up into our small groups.
Our little group (Laura White, Lauren Trowsdale, Rebecca Wright, Caroline Drinkwater and myself) caught the City Circle Tram down to the Docklands.
The Docklands isn’t the best place in the world (it reeks…), but they have the BEST ice-cream shop there I recommend it to every one who isn’t allergic or  likes ice-cream.The next morning was exactly the same, but this time, we got off at
Richmond and went on a tour of the MCG!!!
Such a big field.
And…. We got to see the “Tiger’s” locker room!!!!! My dad barracks for them and there fore me too.
After the tour, we went to the food court and ate lunch, I already had a cheese sandwich but I also ate every ones leftovers.
When we split up into our small groups again our group went to the Rialto Tower.
Great views, if you ever get a chance, go there even though it was my 3rd time it was still exiting, you get a 360 degree view ofMelbourne.
Then we caught the tram to
China town.
China town is full of restaurants, but we had to walk for ages, boring
hen we walked to the State Library that was pretty cool so cool in fact that I didn’t finish all the work.

On the last day, after we got off the train we went to Federation Square to have a tour of the Ian Potter Gallery, where there are some beautiful works of art by Australian artists. I liked the one that was one of the last ones we saw I think it was so chaotic and modern with the train and the floating female humanoid I can’t remember the artist though.
Then we went to the “Crossways” restaurant where they served us a delicious, cheap vegetarian meal.
Not all of us liked it, probably because it was different (Veggie Curry with rice and a pappadam and for desert, a pudding ball thing, with custard!) I thought it was scrumdiddlyumptous.
After lunch, our little group went to the Queen Victoria Market. That was pretty interesting, I bought some Prezzies (it was Kymmy’s birthday that day).

All that in three awesome days in

And I didn’t get lost once.

By Jarra Hofner-Mellmann

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The City Experience- Reflection and Evaluation

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Did you have trouble getting to the places you needed to be?No of corse notWere the maps you had useful (did they help you find your way)?Yes we might have gotten lost without them 

Did you work effectively as a team?Yes I think so Which was your favourite activity?My favourite activity was the Ian Potter art galleryWhat activities would you not do again?
China town I thought it was rather a dragWhat were the highlights of the City Experience for you?The Ian Potter art galleryWhat surprised you most about the city?That I saw no homeless peopleWhat were the main problems you encountered?Lauren and Laura couldn’t find a food shop for ages if you could call that a ‘main problem’If you organized the City Experience next year, what changes would you make?Maybe I would ask the students where they wanted to go instead of just telling themExplain why you did or did not enjoy the City Experience as a whole.I enjoyed it because it was a great experience and it told me I do have a hint of direction sense

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bend it like beckham questions

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how do stereotypes impact the lives of the characters in bend it like beckham? does it effect their choices?

well of course it effects their choices like how jess's family are super indians so she does everything she canto keep them from knowing that she is playing football so they can't get hurt.

do you think there are stereotypes in australia. explain your answer.

yes i do think there are stereotypes in australia i mean when was the last time you saw women playing football on tv with a big fuss made out of them

think of a time that you have confronted a stereotype. maybe, like the characters in bend it like beckham, people expected you to behave in a than they wanted you to? or perhaps you expected someone else to behave differently then the way they did.

well all through my life most people have expected me to be bad at sport, well did they ever think to give me a chance. i play badminton and do acrobatics and i enjoy it so i try and guess what i get better but some people at school never give me a chance and then wonder why i hardley ever try.

where do stereotypes come from? are media partly to blame

of course they are partly to blamethey write about it in there newspapers and their magazines and people think that is the only way to be
utter bull$#!t if you ask me

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how stereotypes can effect peoples life 

i think that if you are put in a catagorie you would try to be likie the person everyone thinks you are and it doesn't have to be other people that put you in catogories it could be yourself. if you put yourself in a catogorie its even harder to get rid of it later i knoiw nothing else on the subgect so i should probably stop writing

bye bye

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caroline and i get to miss 4 days of school to go to yarrawonga itis sooooooo much fun we get to go swimming everyday and we get to paint eggs and go on the laterne walk and we loads of jaffles we also eat erbsen suppe and pot roast and fish and chip night and coffe und kuchen and swim every day

i love going to yarrawonga

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sea breeze

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blustery winds rip through the sand

sending it high into salty air

waves fight to get to the soft, white shore

up and back

up and back

a gull cries a greeting to all who hears

so early in the morning

the wind still rips through the sand

collecting rubbish as it sweeps through

waves still fight

to rid themselves

of the rubbish

that floats among them

the gull still cries

a mournful tune

that echos off every rock off every mountain

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best buds

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